ISIS Released Video: American journalist James Foley behead by ISIS

Group shows and threatens another reporter: his life is in the hands of Obama

American journalist James Foley

American journalist James Foley

The terrorist group Islamic State said on Tuesday it had beheaded a missing American journalist for almost two years in Syria. The jihadists released a video on the internet showing the beheading. The video titled “A Message to America”, was posted on social networks.

The journalist was identified by the group as James Foley, who was captured by gunmen in Syria in November 2012 The White House said it is working to verify the authenticity of the video. The National Security Council said that American intelligence is working “as quickly as possible to determine the authenticity.” “If it is genuine, we are outraged by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist and express our deepest condolences to his family and friends,” said the spokesman of the council, Caitlin Hayden.

Foley, 40, is a freelance journalist and was working for the GlobalPost, an online publication based in Boston, and also to the Agency France Press, reported The New York Times.

The jihadists also stated that another journalist from the United States, Steven Sotloff, held hostage and that his life depends on the decision of the next president Barack Obama. The man appears at the end of the video, also on his knees and with colored clothes orange. Sotloff, developer of Time magazine and Foreign Policy disappeared in the Syrian border with Turkey in July 2013.

On Nov. 8, the American Army began a series of air strikes against Iraq, where the group has achieved advances. Were the first attacks in Iraq since the withdrawal of troops from the country in 2011.

The group is imposing an everyday savagery in a vast territory between Syria and Iraq, beheading, crucifying and summarily executing those considered ‘infidels’. The terrorists have a goal to establish a government based on religious law and expand their jihad war against the infidels from the Middle East.

The aesthetics of barbarism works as propaganda weapon to terrorize the enemies and ensure the obedience of the peoples of conquered cities and also to attract Sunni radicals and misfits of all nationalities.

Video – “I ask my friends, family and loved ones to stand up against my real killers, the American government, because what will happen to me is just the result of their complacency and crime,” says the man, on his knees, dressed in an orange clothing, the same color of the uniforms worn by prisoners at Guantanamo.

The man with his face covered then says: “This is James Wright Foley, an American citizen of his country. As a government, you have been at the forefront of aggression against the Islamic State. Today, a military air force is attacking us daily in Iraq. Their attacks caused casualties among Muslims. You’re not fighting an insurgency. We are an Islamic army and a state that has been accepted by a large number of Muslims worldwide. “

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